Bonlok invests in Khaos Control Cloud ERP

Bonlok is the leading manufacturer of an innovative, patented weld-free system for connecting metal pipework. This high-pressure pipe connection was born after a need for convenient, highly effective, safe and reliable piping connections and is certified by all major international classification societies. The introduction of this new, revolutionary technology means reinventing the standard of piping connections, not just in terms of the quality of the connection in service, but significantly the process of installing pipework and fittings. The cold-weld process that takes place inside the Swiss designed fittings delivers the safest operation without the risk of fire or explosion.

Location, Location, Location

Bonlok launched just 18 months ago, but has already been widely used in the facilities of numerous well-known industry operators and companies. The established pipe fitting business also has its own purpose built manufacturing facility in Tianjin, China and has more recently opened a management and distribution centre in the UK to service additional clientele. It was this breadth of location with Bonlok facilitating widespread manufacturing and various employees based across the UK, - Czech Republic and Spain, that meant that the company needed an ERP system that each and every employee could access, anywhere in the world, via any device.

After thorough and careful consideration, Bonlok decided to implement Khaos Control Cloud as its ‘on-the-go’ Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, providing full control of its business operations 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, across a range of locations.

Kate Moss, sales and operations manager at Bonlok International omments, “We originally chose Khaos Control Cloud as it seemed to be one of the few cloud based systems available worldwide which offered comprehensive functionality at a very reasonable price, which as a start up company, dealing with various overseas customers, employees and suppliers, was essential.”

Increased efficiency and seamless distribution

The geographical flexibility and cloud availability of the ERP system was key to Bonlok’s decision.

In addition to this, Bonlok was keen to productively improve stock control and automate warehouse processes. Due to warehouse facilities in China, Rotterdam and the UK it was essential to have accurate inventory figures across all sites in order to fulfil orders and grow successfully and sustainably. Bonlok was previously relying on spreadsheets and manual processes for its inventory management. The team was also manually processing new orders and returns which would often lead to human error with a negative effect on customer service. It was only after implementing Khaos Control Cloud that Bonlok was able to leverage an automated system that allowed more control over the orders and to know exactly what it has in stock, and where the items are being held.

Kate continues, “The innovative and intuitive ERP system developed by Khaos Control Cloud allows us to successfully manage all inventory across each site and fulfil customers’ orders as efficiently as possible, whilst meeting and exceeding expectations on delivery due to improved automation.

Functionality aside, it was also important to us that the system was simple and easy to use. Khaos Control Cloud exceeded this expectation and also ensured that we received extensive and tailored training to assist and teach us how to use the system to its full capacity. The Khaos Control Cloud team really are fantastic and they are always willing and quick to provide technical assistance. It was this extra layer of service that made us very confident that Khaos Control Cloud will be able to support us as we grow as a business and we intend to continue to use the system into the future.”