DCA Annual Summit

Start date: 15/06/2017
End date: 15/06/2017

Jun 15, 2017 9:10 AM


This action packed day forms the highlight of the direct commerce community’s year - and for 2017 it will be bigger & better than ever.

For starters, we have secured top American speaker and author Kevin Hillstrom to deliver a keynote address:

Keynote: Three trends in modern commerce

In this session, Kevin will describe why so many of the marketing tactics we read about (engagement, social, omnichannel to name a few) have not yielded sales gains. Kevin will focus on three trends that his clients are executing… 1. Low-cost or no-cost customer acquisition, 2. New product or new merchandise development, 3. How commerce will more closely resemble sports entertainment in the future.

Kevin will also be delivering a full afternoon “live business simulation”, which will run alongside the main Summit agenda: Evaluating the three trends in modern commerce - Click here for more details.

Due to popular demand, we are also delighted to welcome back Amy Africa. Amy is known around the world as the number one expert on all things digital. She will be hosting two sessions as part of the main Summit agenda:

The good, the bad and the downright ugly – a whistle stop tour of sites you can learn from (11.15am)

When you are looking for great sites you can learn from and emulate – don’t stop there. Be sure you also look at examples of sites you don’t want yours to become. Join Amy on an exhilarating “site seeing” tour that will make you laugh, make you cry, astound and inspire you – as well as make the process of mapping your own ongoing site improvement projects all the easier. Expect inspiration by the bucket load.

20 ways to dramatically improve your online sales and "Ask Amy" Q&A (4.00pm) with Chloe Thomas, Managing Director eCommerce Masterplan & Ryan Webb, Conversion & Analytics Director, Searchstar

Everyone comes to DCA conferences knowing that they’ll take away great ideas they can implement in their businesses. Today, Amy will share no less than 20 practical, tactical and entirely reliable secret tips that she knows will enable you to smash your sales targets. Some are so simple you could be kicking yourself (or your ecommerce team/service provider) – others entirely logical & utterly achievable without requiring any additional budget – some which could be showing you their value within mere days. Amy is a unique force. You can pre-submit your questions to her when you book your place to receive her expert take on the pressing issues in your business. The best will be included in the unique Ask Amy clinic which brings this powerful session to a successful conclusion.

Other confirmed sessions:

Growth through self-disruption - Michel Koch, Chief Marketing Officer, Time Inc 

Hear Time Inc's journey into new business models, including how they did it and what they learnt.

Building a Single Customer View for Multichannel Profitability - Martin Harvey, Director, BioGuard & Julian Berry, Director, Berry Thompson

Most companies claim to have a SCV but 95 per cent do not have integrated systems. For many, if not most, integration of POS, mail order, browsing data, even customer centre contacts is an expensive dream. In this session learn how even the smallest of businesses can gain all of the advantages of SCV without breaking the bank. This includes the ability to build attribution models, produce truly personal communications, understand how channels inter-relate, optimise customer communications frequency and improve profitability.

Digital Transformation - Our Journey - Ann Steer, Marketing & International Director, JD WIlliams

TV Advertising – what’s working now & how for direct brands - Andy Sloan, CEO, All Response Media; Phil Haslam, UK Managing Director, ProActiv Skin Health, Andrew Shapin, CEO, Long Tall Sally & Ken Daly, CEO, JML

Customer Engagement: Staying Personal in an Age of Privacy - Scott Logie, Customer Engagement Director, REaD Group

The world of marketing is changing. It is no longer simply enough to send out product catalogues and hope there is something of relevance to the customer. With consumers able to search, compare and rate your products on line there is a need to build strategies that create positive engagement and keep that engagement strong over time. In addition, we are about to enter a new age of privacy where our ability to capture, hold and use personal data will become much more regulated. So in this new digital age, how do retailers stay ahead of the game, ensure they build great relationships with their most valuable customers and incentivise them to share the information needed to create the most relevant offers? In this session we will look at how customer data is still your most valuable asset and discuss how to ensure customers will feel part of a value exchange that is mutually beneficial. 

The Value of partnerships. Free customer acquisition, enhanced CRM engagement and accessing new audiences. Can you really have your cake and eat it? - Parry Jones, COO, The Specialist Works with Karen Walker, Head of Customer Acquisition, Charles Tyrwhitt, Freddy Ward, Director of Marketing, Hello Fresh & Virginie Charles-Dear, Founder/CEO, ToucanBox

Photography was great but capturing is the future - Maren Schlüter, Head of Virtual Media, Mohn Media

Imagine never to re-photograph a product because once it is captured, you can reuse it for all purposes. This exciting new technology replaces traditional product photography. Capture one furniture piece and put any colour or garment on it. Print it in a catalogue, show it on your website or in social media in 3D or in a virtual room. Or allow your customers to capture themselves to create their own avatar and “try” garments in the right size on their own body virtually. It is possible now; hear more in this insightful session.

Driving New Revenue Through Catalogues - Tod Norman, Communications Planner Content Lead, Royal Mail

MarketReach will reveal insights from our new Catalogue Research programme, which will explore the role physical catalogues play in an increasingly Omni-channel retail environment. The previous survey made clear that many customers used printed catalogue to browse and then went on line to purchase. The uplift in volume and value for direct commerce organisations was substantial – but that was 4 years ago. What will the latest research show?

Marketing Production Optimisation for Retailers - Winnie Kristensen, former Head of Marketing, Sydbank

Managing marketing production these days has become highly complex. With an ever expanding number of channels to service, speed to market is all important, In this session hear how a leading retailer achieved significant cost and time savings by eliminating ‘Hidden Costs' in the Marketing Production process whilst increasing collaborative effort by using a new SaaS technology.

What GDPR means for your business and what your team needs to be aware of - Rob Bielby, CEO, Marketing Innovation Group with Mark Wilby, DCA Deputy Chair, Kevin Davis, Information Systems Director, Scotts & Co & Julian Berry, Director, Berry Thompson 

The key thing is that : GDPR will affect the marketing of all businesses and for example, ‘positive opt-in’ will be required for all marketing, marketing to under 16’s requires parental opt-in and B2B doesn’t escape this time, as some data will be deemed ‘personal’, requiring opt-in too. Rob will summarise the main impacts and identify what can be done to mitigate them. There is less than 12 months to get your house in order and avoid fines of up 20m Euro’s or 4 per cent of global turnover whichever the greater.

Take advantage of omnichannel data for a print campaign -  Matthieu Thiriez, Cofounder & Florent Empis, CTO, Nuukik

Introduction to Smartalog a fully adaptable and personalised 1:1 offer sent directly to your customers. Case study: 100 000 personalised catalogs for Cyrillus a premium clothing brand. 

Discussion tables:

Campaign Circle - 

Global Freight Solutions - delivery solution for DCA members - Here, there, everywhere: Meeting the delivery expectations of the busy consumer

WebMart - Increase ROI through Marketing Print

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Alongside the Annual Summit, we also have three workshops taking place. Please click on the event for full details:


10.50-11.15amMorning coffee
3.40-4.00pmAfternoon tea


Broomhouse Suite, The Hurlingham Club
Ranelagh Gardens, Fulham, London SW6 3PR


All places include refreshments, a buffet lunch and complimentary wi-fi. DCA members will receive access to the available speaker presentations post event.

DCA Members - Half day £175 per person or full day £295 per person
Non members - Half day £250 per person or full day £445 per person 

All rates are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate and all bookings are considered final.

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