DCA Spring Assembly

Start date: 22/03/2018 at 08.30
End date: 22/03/2018 at 17.00

Save the date: Thursday 22nd March, The Queen's Club, Barons Court, London

40 “on the money” topics for profitable growth

Tailor your own programme from the range of insightful group discussions at this friendly, open and welcoming event. Gain insight, advice and inspiration learn from the combined experience of your DCA member colleagues through your choice from a series of 40 individual focused small group discussions.

Confirmed discussions:

State of the market

Katy Ingram and her Council Colleagues will share market trends and lessons learnt from 2017. Followed by practical tips and ideas to help you deliver a more profitable peak in 2018, whatever your time of year.

SEO and PPC – time for a fight or a marriage made in heaven? - Jayne Reddyhoff, Zanzi Digital

Understand the difference between SEO and PPC and how to use both to grow your business.

Are we blaming systems or processes for not pushing forward with projects or initiatives? - Tim Williams, HOF Holdings Ltd

  • IT doesn't understand our requirements
  • Too many layers of bureaucracy to actually get things done
  • With the thirst for economies there's just not enough hours in the day to manipulate data
  • Requirements are always just too wishywashy
  • Do the projects actually need to be done

Visual merchandising tips for improved sales and conversion - online & in print - Victoria Laws, Scotts & Co

Old school catalogue tricks that are surprisingly like online ones...

Social Sells - Richard Hunter, SocialSideKick

  • Make the most of your data to encourage new sales & repeat orders
  • Learn the best practices for social selling
  • Setup Facebook product feeds
  • Create social ads that generate leads
  • Lear how to use social media to compliment other sales & marketing tactics

Customer Recruitment & Retention - Mark Bolitho, KBM Group

  • Understanding when to recruit
  • Best channel for recruitment
  • Segmentation for retention
  • Lifetime value

Personalising the shopping experience to increase sales - David Amor, First Move Direct Marketing 

  • Adding value by using existing data and artificial intelligence
  • From mass communication to personalised communication
  • Innovating using a Jeff Bezos Amazon philosophy
  • The role of print in the 21st century

Data + Insight = Enhanced Knowledge + Profitable Action - Scott Logie, REaD Group

  • Converting your data into meaningful and actionable insight
  • Using analytics to give you a competitive edge
  • The value of truly understanding your data (and customers)
  • Unlocking the secret to real engagement
  • How often is real-time insight needed?
  • The impact of AI/Machine Learning on Insight Functions

Many Channels one conversation, the power of personalised, relevant communications across Print and Digital - Jonathan Edwards, Xerox

  • The power of unified personalised, relevant communications across Print and Digital
  • The impact of personalised printed Direct Mail and catalogues in a Multi Channel communications strategy and why they increase loyalty and revenue for your customers
  • Share real world experience with personalised multi channel campaigns, the value proposition and why print with IT is a winning formula

How Catalogues Work in a Digital World - Ian Simpson, Catalogues 4 Business

  • The catalogue ‘3 card trick – and the ace up its sleeve’
  • Expanding on above – 7 Things that catalogues are good at
  • How catalogues win for online retailers
  • Practical, real- life case studies showing how catalogues have changed businesses.
  • Every participant will receive a round table workbook with practical tips and guidance
    Making off the page Ads and Inserts work - 10+ tips for media-buying, format and creative propositions - Martin Harvey, Marketing Director, Bio-Gard
    • Getting to know your prospects
    • Back to basics - getting media and costs right
    • Planning profitable inserts, door-2-door and ads
    • Assessing the true cost per thousand

  • New Customer Acquisition - what's working and what to test - Chris Wheatley, Peter Hahn

    • Offers
    • Adverts vs Catalogues
    • Catalogue pagination ideas
    • Frequency of mailings
    • Inserts
    • Product despatch (own and outside)
    • Address sourcing

    How to Manage Your Own Research & Customer Insight Project - Katy Ingram, DCA executive board leader

    • Begin with the end in mind, be outcome focussed
    • Select the right people for your panels and surveys
    • Survey success tips
    • Focus Groups on limited budgets
    • Analysing results
    • Taking Action

    Managing a rebranding project - Tony Adams, TA Design & Angie Simonds, Fur Feather & Fin

  • Why rebrand
  • The brief
  • The catalogue as brand ambassador
  • Making the brand work consistently across platforms
  • How FFF rebranded and still saved money and increased profits
    7 Powerful Ways To Employ AI In Your Ecommerce Business - Jayne Reddyhoff, Zanzi Digital
  • Learn how to put together an AI toolkit to help you:
    • Create more efficient AI powered sales
    • Empower store workers
    • Introduce virtual personal shoppers
    • Tackle fake review
    • Improve recommendations for customers
    • Work with intelligent agents
    • Build an assortment intelligence tool

    Copy – what online marketers have forgotten from offline - Ian Glen, Managing Director, 288 Group

    • Copy vs content
    • What's happened to 'long copy'?
    • Why AIDCA still matters
    • Email and mailing - the same thing? 

    5 simple ways to squeeze easy cash and additional marketing from e-commerce - Paul Cranwell, iTransact Media

    • How many top 100 multichannel and pureplay retailers are adding easy cash to their EBITDA
    • Making additional revenue from your website without affecting the customer experience
    • Improving engagement from your existing e-commerce customers
    • Creating cost neutral marketing opportunities
    • Creating added value through Partnerships  

    Discover the Secrets to Higher Response Rates in 40 minutes -  Seirian Hanner, Royal Mail MarketReach

    How is your advertising mail engaging consumers behind closed doors, and could the answer challenge your campaign planning process?

    Join us as we explore findings from the new JICMail measurement data which reveal the true impact of your mail campaigns.

    • Gain invaluable insight and knowledge into who mail reaches and the actions it drives
    • Better understand what creative works, and what doesn’t
    • Hear case studies from brands like Virgin, that reveal the hidden secrets behind successful mail campaigns


    DCA members: £195 (+VAT) or book 2 places for £295(+VAT)

    Non members: £345 (+VAT)