Member Benefits

Why should you join DCA?

DCA is a not-for-profit trade body established in 2004 with the specific aim of supporting businesses in all areas of the multi-channel retail community.

Cataloguers and multi-channel marketers have a lot in common no matter what we sell, how long we've been established or how large or small our businesses are. There’s no question there is much we can do to help each other achieve greater success and profitability.

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What our members say:

Dan Croxen-John, CEO, AWA Digital 

"AWA digital have been a DCA member for over 7 years. Involvement in the DCA has brought us a large number of clients and this marketing channel is one of our most effective - and lowest cost. We have been able to present our services and expertise in conversion optimisation to senior decision-makers in a range of settings. These include speaking at events roundtables and panel sessions, networking, PR opportunities, entering (and winning) awards as well as providing content to the website. We have also been able to offer some low-cost value-services to new members as well as extending our reach and enhancing our profile. As a result we have acquired a number of big names clients, such as Interflora; many of whom we have gone on to work with for a number of years. We enjoy attending and speaking events, as it's a chance not only to meet prospects but also learn more about the issues they are facing and how we might be able to help. We have also been able to find a number of companies with which we have provided and received referrals.

Overall, it is a very effective marketing channel as well as chance to build strong relationships with both our client and prospect base. We intend to remain members of the DCA for many years to come."

Tony Adams, Creative Director, TA Design Ltd

"TA Design has been an active member of the DCA since its birth as The Catalogue Exchange some 12 years ago. There’s nowhere else in the country where my team and I can hear industry experts sharing the latest news, best practice and developments. But it’s not a one way street. As catalogue design specialists, we often chair satellite meetings or present case studies, best techniques and latest innovations in catalogue creativity to our peers.

TA Design has always had a non-intrusive relationship-building strategy for gaining new business. The DCA’s ethos of non-pressurised client / supplier interaction means there’s a culture of trust that facilitates the honest, healthy sharing of views and information.

I never leave a DCA Event without at least a couple of valuable ‘takeaways’. And I can learn a huge amount from clients, suppliers and even so-called competitors in the friendly, safe environment that the DCA engenders"