Savvy Circles - confirmed topics

Connect with your customers using Social Media - Richard Hunter, SocialSidekick

  • Learn how to capitalise on website traffic and sales with social media
  • Learn more about your customers
  • Learn the basics of 'social selling'
  • Grow your social audience and engagement

Blurring the lines between digital and print marketing - Stuart Payne, Webmart 

  • As consumer shopper behaviour changes and customers move from instore to digital to print and back again; we show trends, theories, research, innovation and case studies that maximise sales through omnichannel marketing.
  • The discussion will focus on how analog marketing creates cut through in a digital environment.
  • Focus on data profiles and insights combined with creativity, customer engaging, affinity, creativity, multiple channels and show how relevancy and timeliness can increase and maximise results.
  • Show case studies with practical applications and prove the benefits of omnichannel marketing and ROI.

Recruiting and retaining customers ... using Direct Mail - Jonathan Edwards, Xerox

  • Discuss real life examples where physical and direct mail work harder together

Recruitment & retention strategies - An elderly market perspective - Andrew Peirce, Managing Director, Cosyfeet

  • Overview of the Cosyfeet brand strategy
  • How the brand strategy is changing
  • What has been working well for others

Programmatic Mail in the Catalogue Industry - David Amor, First Move Direct Marketing 

  • Adding value by using existing data and artificial intelligence
  • Shopping Cart Abandonment Recovery
  • From mass communication to personalised communication
  • Innovating using a Jeff Bezos Amazon philosophy

Don't fall behind: psychographics and revealing your real target customer - Tim Gary, Digivate

  • Tim Gray is an expert in neuro-marketing and consumer psychology and will be discussing how building psychographic profiles for your customers can get your huge wins in your digital strategy.
  • The old methods for building 'ideal customer' demographics are out-dated and don't consider the most important part of selling: your customers problems and needs.
  • Tim will demonstrate how psychographics are the basis of all marketing activity, and can be used in website content, paid advertising, SEO strategy, personalisation and CRO.
  • People buy from people, not websites. Tim will be showing a vast selection of brands that get this right (and wrong!) - the wealth of examples here will have many revisiting their approach and trying to see their website from the customer's perspective.