Khaos Control Cloud launches Magento integration for Cloud ERP

Khaos Control has announced the launch of Magento 1 and Magento 2 plugins for its cloud business management solution, Khaos Control Cloud in partnership with Webstraxt.

The Webstraxt Magento integration for Khaos Control Cloud allows Magneto store owners to link existing Magento stores directly to Khaos Control Cloud software. Orders placed on their store will automatically sync to the Khaos Control Cloud ERP and order status updates will be posted back in real time. With additional functionality scheduled to arrive shortly after the release of the plugin, the Webstraxt Magento integration for Khaos control cloud provides a complete ERP link for Khaos Control Cloud customers and Magento store owners.

The launch of the Webstraxt Magento Integration plugin for Khaos Control Cloud not only extends the reach of the Khaos Control Cloud ERP system but also marks the start of an ongoing partnership between Khaos Control Solutions and Webstraxt.

Jonathan Oldhams, eCommerce Director for Webstraxt, said “We are really excited to be partnering with Khaos Control Solutions Ltd to deliver a complete integration of the Khaos Control Cloud Platform to the very popular Magento retail platform. The Khaos Control Cloud ERP system is a great product with rapid growth forecasted over the next few years. We’re excited not just about delivering a solution for Khaos Control Cloud customers on the Magento platform but with working with Khaos control in the future to help them achieve future growth.”

Carly Koch, business development manager at Khaos Control cloud said We have been very lucky to have built a great working relationship so quickly with Jonathan and his team at Webstraxt. Through a professional and expert approach Webstraxt have allowed us the ability to work with Magento customers. Magento being one of the worlds most popular ecommerce web platforms means we are able to target an ever-growing sector more effectively. Moving forward we will be happy to have Webstraxt by our side to support this growing consumer base and deliver to market a brilliant solution for our customers”.