Advisory Board

Nigel Swabey - DCA President Emeritus

I greatly appreciate the trust that the Advisory Board has placed in me in asking me to take up this appointment. Whilst I might have been more comfortable with a title like Secretary, I will continue to do everything I can to support this little "Co-op" of ours, regardless of the role I am asked to take on. With tough economic times ahead, even cross-channel direct retailers like the members of DCA are going to feel the pinch. Against this background, I have set myself a simple goal – to make sure that every member receives sufficient in the way of direct benefit and value from their DCA membership each year, to cover their annual membership fee at least fivefold. With membership fees pegged at such a low level, that shouldn't prove to be too much of a challenge.

nigel swabey.jpg Nigel Swabey, Scotts & Co

Alex Pratt - DCA Chair

As an improving father, husband, friend and entrepreneur with experience in distance shopping, internet, and B2B Industrial environments who still doesn’t quite know what he’s doing, I keep hoping that tomorrow I’ll finally find out how you’re really supposed to do most things. Somehow I’ve managed to survive and by accident build a number of reasonably successful businesses. I guess I’m responsible for products that have travelled as far as man has voyaged into space and as deep as she has voyaged under the oceans; for products that save lives every day; and for products that are a complete embarrassment. I’m probably least amateurish at marketing having been taught by Philip Kotler in Chicago, been the man behind rebranding Britain as “Cool Britannia”, and having rebranded Barbados amongst a number of other places. By accident, I have now many contacts across Government having been head of International Innovation for the DTI. I’m Chairman of half a dozen private and public enterprises and have served on the boards of 10 or so more, a lifetime Fellow of the RSA, an IoD branch Chairman, grateful recipient of an OBE for services to Business and Education, and the 2010 lifetime holder of the Queens Award for Enterprise Promotion. I believe that it is our people who put the Great into Britain. DCA is another chance to give a little back, and to get to know a few more great people in an industry that has been good to me.

alex pratt.jpg Alex Pratt, Serious Readers

Mark Wilby - DCA Deputy Chair

I am the Operations Director of Nauticalia Ltd and have been involved in mail order with Nauticalia for the last twelve years. We are a multi-channel retailer including traditional mail order, e-commerce website and fifteen retail shops, and we are a wholesaler supplying direct to other mail order companies and chandlers globally. My role covers all aspects of the catalogue distribution, analysis and the overall customer service experience. From 2007 to 2009 I had the privilege of being a CatEx DCA Board member. During that period CatEx DCA expanded its membership and regional event programme. I stood again as I would like to continue to drive DCA forward.

mark wilby.jpg Mark Wilby, Nauticalia