Programmatic Mail - a powerful, new conversion tool for direct retailers

As a DCA member, you almost certainly use digital programmatic techniques to combat basket abandon issues on your website. But with full email inboxes and the growing volume of noisy digital activity, you may be experiencing a decline in the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Now you can combat this with a powerful new initiative that can dramatically improve your ROI.

Welcome to Programmatic Mail

Programmatic Mail takes the best of the digital and direct mail channels to create a highly impactful, new conversion channel.

Now you can link the targeting and delivery of highly-responsive, physical mail directly to a consumer’s online behaviour. Using fully-permissioned, first-party data, you can send individually-targeted direct mail to non-converting web visitors, within 24 to 48 hours.

And that opens up a whole new range of possibilities.

Programmatic Mail builds on existing relationships, making recipients feel more valued – and more likely to respond. And because you are talking to them at exactly the right time, your mailing will be even more welcome.

That’s why users of Programmatic Mail are enjoying excellent response rates of 10 per cent and uplifts in conversion of around 14 per cent.*

* Go Inspire and JD Williams Case Study

How might programmatic work for you?

As an e-commerce retailer, you may be finding that customers who seem interested in your products online are not converting into sales. Of course, you can trigger Programmatic Mail when customers abandon baskets but you can also choose to target customers who have spent time just browsing a particular item on your website.

You might use tangible, impactful Programmatic Mail to show the product in a lifestyle setting – along with a modest discount code or a free shipping offer to drive customers to convert.

A successful, proven case for Programmatic Mail

As one of the UK’s leading online fashion retailers, N Brown Group constantly seeks to reduce basket abandonment rates – currently standing at around 69 per cent according to research from the Baynard Institute**. In fact, basket abandonment costs UK retailers up to £1 Billion in lost revenue.

**Marketing Sciences 1st July 2015

N Brown Group already had a strategy in place for its JD Williams brand to combat basket abandonment, sending two permissioned emails to customers who had abandoned their baskets, with retargeted banner ads also encouraging reconsideration. But responses were declining.

Could physical mail be the answer?

JD Williams wanted to see if a new media channel could help improve their retargeting response rates so they set up a trial with Programmatic Mail pioneers, Paperplanes, that would help them find the answers. They used the following segments:

  • A control group, where abandoned basket customers were sent no follow-up messaging
  • A group where customers received the existing two follow-up emails
  • And finally a group where customers received both follow-up emails plus an item of direct mail

Every piece of direct mail creative that was sent out carried a picture of the item in the customer’s basket at the moment they abandoned - very similar
to the approach taken with the emails.

Contact data (address details, imagery and product details) were sent
to the printer daily allowing them to print, finish and mail the pieces to the customer within 24 hours.

Results that speak for themselves

  • Response rates increased overall by 6 per cent
  • The average order value increased by 8 per cent overall
  • Abandoned basket rates were reduced overall by 14 per cent

You too could experience enhanced results and improved ROI by choosing Programmatic Mail as part of your conversion process.

5 key benefits for Direct Retailers

1. Speed

Impactful direct mail in your customer’s hands, often inside 24 hours, but within 48

2. Returns

Campaigns with mail have a higher return on investment than those without.*

3. Builds on existing relationship

Using only first-party data, Programmatic Mail builds on existing relationships, making recipients more responsive

4. Relevance

Always relevant as recipients have already shown interest in content

5. Data Value

Programmatic Mail lets you build and test data models to help you identify the best online, behavioural triggers – attention to particular content, dwell time on pages, frequency of visits, patterns of pages visited.

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