Membership for B2B & Consumer Companies

Is DCA membership right for my business?

DCA membership offers best practice for businesses and charities of all sizes, from entrepreneurial start-ups to well-established major players. 

What are the benefits of membership?

  • Networking opportunities via training days, conferences & events
  • Sharing of best practice with key industry leaders
  • Annual subscription to Direct Commerce Magazine worth £75
  • 15 per cent discount off recruitment services at Expert Register
  • Face to Face Catalogue Critique & Clinic, Google Analytics Healthcheck or a Comprehensive Full Print Audit- click here for more details
  • Access to the member only articles, white papers and case studies within the DCA website, for all member company employees
  • Opportunity to submit questions for legal opinion
  • Discounts on services from DCA Supplier member companies  
  • Representation and lobbying on key industry issues 
  • Opportunity to get involved in the DCA Councils 

For more information about joining the DCA, please click here, email us or call 01271 855545

What our members say:

Katy Ingram, Head of Marketing, Feather & Black:

"I was introduced to DCA at the beginning of my career in retail and the insights, knowledge sharing and connections made have stayed with me 15 years on. Via DCA, I have been able to reach out to colleagues to ask for help and advice on everything from supplier recommendations, to data management, customer experience and the latest marketing techniques. And most importantly, I have also been able to share my learnings with other DCA members.

The DCA network is open, friendly and fun and enables you to meet like minded individuals who want to develop sustainable, profitable businesses and keep pace in a rapidly evolving retail environment."

Michael Shorrocks, Development Director, MBI Inc

"DCA is an asset to the catalogue and direct marketing industry. It serves its members well, bringing us together and promoting opportunities to learn from each other, however disparate our products and systems may be, to everyone’s benefit. We support DCA as a forum to promote initiatives to save costs, increase efficiencies and enhance sales within all of our businesses.”

Alex Pratt, Founder, Serious Readers

"DCA offers me and my team the opportunity to improve what we do by learning from others who are better than us in our weak areas, and in equal measure to make a difference and contribute to others by sharing the valuable skills and experience we have ourselves.

Great companies and individuals are always looking to get better, more productive, to find new tips and to spot the next leading edge of commerce. DCA is perfect for this in what is, let’s face it the rapidly changing world of commerce. My team needs to get better in the digital space and are for the third time thinking of dipping our toes into TV. The experience of others willing to share what works and more importantly what doesn’t is worth many times the cost of membership.

By the same token we are helping others with personalisation, packaging and dynamic pricing which are all areas where we have experience of what to avoid and where to start. We love being able to make this difference.

When we come together we are a powerful collective voice capable of shaping our collective destiny for the better as we have done recently through our impact on making more acceptable the impending data regulations, and we are campaigning hard for best use of the SHOPS legacy fund.

More than half a dozen of my team are engaged in gaining and sharing through DCA and we do this because it is so worth it."

Peter Higgins, Director, Charles Tyrwhitt

"Charles Tyrwhitt joined DCA primarily to increase the number of swaps we could do. For smaller companies, who are still growing their skill base, DCA is a must. The contacts you make will help with recruitment of new staff, or at least in referencing people you are thinking of employing. You cannot afford not to join!”