Membership for Supplier Companies

What are the benefits of membership for Supplier companies?

  • Networking opportunities via training days, conferences & events
  • Sharing of best practice with key industry leaders
  • Opportunity to host a DCA member event- click here for more details
  • Annual subscription to Direct Commerce Magazine worth £75
  • 15 per cent discount off recruitment services at Expert Register
  • Opportunity to sponsor & speak at DCA events
  • Access to the member only articles, white papers and case studies within the DCA website, for all member company employees
  • Opportunity to submit questions for legal opinion
  • Representation and lobbying on key industry issues
  • Opportunity to get involved in the DCA Councils as advisors

For more information about joining the DCA, please click here, email us or call 01271 855545

What our members say: 

Alasdair Gibson, UK Sales Director, Mohn Media

"DCA gives us the opportunity to better understand our customers and their needs. The regular events provide excellent networking in a relaxed and informal way raising our profile. Speakers at the events share new and innovative views on our business."

Chloe Thomas, Author, eCommerce Masterplan

"I've been a member of the Direct Commerce Association for many years because it's the only place in the UK where you can network with such a high quality of online retailing clients. Because the events move around the UK and cover such important topics there are always interesting, new prospects to meet with.

The team that run Direct Commerce Association have a clear focus on providing plenty of ways for supplier-side members to prove their expertise and get their brand in front of the client-side. And they're always open to new ideas. It's a great group to be a part of."

Richard Stephenson, CEO, YUDU Media 

“Direct Commerce Association is a window on current thinking and a good forum for suppliers to test ideas and showcase new solutions. It deals with suppliers and practitioners with equal respect and organises events where networking is well facilitated.” 

Iain MacDonald, business development consultant & executive coach:

"My primary reason for supporting the DCA is very much about the training and development potential it has. Direct retail is the channel of the moment and the industry needs more and better trained practitioners to realise its potential. Creating profitable relationships with customers across all channels is a major challenge, and I believe the DCA is well positioned to embrace the need for training and development in this crucial business sector. I’m here to foster learning, sharing and experimentation in this exciting field."