BlueVenn completes acquisition of LEAP Media Solutions

BlueVenn has today announced the purchase of LEAP Media Solutions (LEAP), a provider of customer analytics and marketing campaign services for the US media industry. The acquisition will strengthen BlueVenn’s presence in the media and publishing market, which already boasts over 200 news media brands operating the BlueVenn Customer Data Platform and its analytics, personalisation and campaign management tools.

LEAP has been utilising BlueVenn technology effectively for five years, to provide media publishers with tailored data analytics and marketing campaign capabilities through a shared-hosting model. This has enabled independent publishers with limited marketing resources the same sophisticated marketing capabilities as major publishers and media, without investing in technology systems that may otherwise be out of reach.

The acquisition will afford LEAP customers better integration with BlueVenn software tools, and take advantage of BlueVenn’s heritage in Single Customer View. It will also form a strategy to empower LEAP’s media clients to create unique, personalized subscription and digital advertising services, as well as support LEAP’s intention to extend its services into new business verticals, such as retail, hospitality and finance.

For BlueVenn, it continues an expansion of its footprint into the US market, strengthening its capabilities in analytics, business intelligence and modeling. The acquisition also provides BlueVenn a range of marketing services to complement its Customer Data Platform.

Based in Raleigh, NC, LEAP delivers end-to-end, data-driven audience engagement, analytics and marketing execution services for more than 100 local media companies, including The Day Publishing Company, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Colorado Springs Gazette, Hearst Publishing, Shaw Media, Steinman Communications and more.

LEAP’s full-service approach uses BlueVenn software for modeling and scoring, creative services and Customer Lifecycle Management, with LEAP offering clients digital and direct mail execution, campaign testing, benchmarking and leveraging best practices.

BlueVenn President, Curt Bloom, said: “This acquisition, along with LEAP’s expertise, helps us strengthen our standing in the media market, and turns a long-running collaboration with LEAP into a permanent relationship. As part of BlueVenn, LEAP will continue to offer its same outstanding service to media clients, but with tighter integration to our cutting-edge data analytics and marketing automation tools.”

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