Angie Simonds - 2017 DCA elections candidate

Personal Background

I was grounded in advertising at J Walter Thompson and have much experience in selling to the public and in creating catalogues, the latter at the National Theatre. My husband and I started Lodsworth Polo Shop in 1978 and needed to find a similar business that would create revenue during the winter months. We found a niche not filled in Men’s Gifts and Country Clothing and Country Sports Accessories and tested the market for a number of years at Christmas Charity and Country Fairs. In 2002 we launched our first Fur Feather and Fin website long before the major players had a website. We also launched our first catalogue that year and printed 5,000 of them. The business grew steadily and we now print around 500,000 catalogues in the Autumn alone.

Relevance for the post of board member of the DCA

We are a small business and as such do not have the resources larger companies have. The DCA offers huge networking opportunities together with useful advice on any number of Mail Order issues. I have found the DCA a great source of information and would like to broaden that information and make it really easy for us all to connect, discuss and harness it in the most beneficial way to each and everyone.

This is a fast moving industry and so communication couldn’t be more important. We need to keep up with trends, new laws and best practice and the more people who can give of their particular skills the better. I hope to be able to contribute to the DCA in everyway I can by giving my time and experience and by bringing new ideas to the organisation.