Jayne Reddyhoff - 2017 DCA elections candidate

Personal resume

Jayne is the Managing Director and co-founder of Zanzi, a digital marketing consultancy whose clients include global, enterprise and SME businesses.

With more than 25 years of business experience she combines a pragmatic, results oriented approach with detailed knowledge of the latest digital marketing tools and technologies.

As an acclaimed public speaker, Jayne has provided first-class digital marketing training to prestigious universities including Oxford Brookes, and Queen Mary University, London. She has been a regular presenter at national Ecommerce conferences, the BCS (Chartered Institute for IT) and is known as a digital marketing industry expert.

Jayne has built up considerable expertise in the Artificial Intelligence field and its practical application in business. In 2016 she presented at the world’s first social robotics and Artificial Intelligence conference.

Her career has been dedicated to helping companies embrace new digital technologies that help them develop and grow. She’s worked in multiple industries including Ecommerce, manufacturing, and telecoms.

Today she remains at the forefront of change, helping companies re-shape their marketing functions and activities in line with digital and data-driven strategies.

Zanzi Digital

We help businesses grow and sell more products online.

We make our clients’ websites easier to find, easier to use and easier to measure. But more than that. There are hundreds of different digital marketing options available. The combination of our business, technical and marketing expertise means we help our customers pick the right ones for their business.

Online shops we work for typically find they:

spend a fortune on their online advertising and don’t know if they are getting value for money

have a well established online shop but it is not working well on mobile devices

are not getting enough visitors on their website

don’t convert enough visitors into paying customers

have been burned before by ‘digital marketing experts’ and need someone they can trust who can see the whole picture

Most recently we have helped:

Two different businesses grow from turning over less than £4k per month to more than £60k per month within 2 years

A wholesale business to move from making a loss on every order to a profitable business. They did so well that within 18 months someone bought out the business

Personal statement

I am passionate about helping companies to connect with each other, exchange business expertise and develop mutually beneficial partnerships. My longstanding interest in digital technologies and Artificial Intelligence has helped me develop an in-depth understanding of how these can be applied in a commercial environment to increase revenue and improve efficiencies.