Martin Harvey - 2017 DCA elections candidate


Martin Harvey is Marketing Director and general factotum at Bio-Gard, heading up its B2C direct-marketing environmental solutions business, Muck Munchers. Most of his career he has worked in the garden sector - as an International Director with Europe’s largest garden catalogue company, Bakker Holland, Managing Director at Marshalls Seeds and Chairman at Hayloft Plants. He describes himself as a 'mail order junkie' and passionate about data.

Bio-Gard Limited

Martin and his business partner, Josef Pichler, launched Bio-Gard in 2014 with Muck Munchers, a microbial waste water treatment for domestic septic tanks. Recruitment for this 12 month programme primarily uses direct response advertisements in national press and country affinity magazines, press and door-2-door inserts, and direct mail.

The business has achieved high growth and was the winner of the ECMOD award for best company, turnover up to £5 million, in 2016.

The business model is based upon out-sourcing to minimise investment, whilst utilising database systems and marketing analytics beyond the reach of most start-ups.

In addition to its B2C Muck Munchers business, Bio-Gard is active in developing markets in agricultural soil nutrition, using microbial dairy and pig slurry digestion, and microbial atmospheric nitrogen fixation, plus microbial hydrocarbon soil remediation following oil spills.


Having created Bio-Gard from nothing with limited financial resources, yet demanding that the Company accesses systems, know-how and facilities, often only available to established larger businesses, Martin’s single vision of his role on the DCA Council is to represent the interests of smaller companies and start-ups, to ensure that their needs in terms of development, education and compliance are recognised to give them maximum return on their DCA membership and direct marketing budgets.

Previous Experience

Martin was one of the Founder Board Members of the Catalogue Exchange (now the DCA) in 2004, serving for 3 terms until 2011. He has always been passionate about the importance of the DCA and the role it plays for the direct marketing community in promoting knowledge and professionalism among its members.