Toby Curnow - 2017 DCA elections candidate

Personal resume

In a long career I have worked in a diverse number of sectors, including setting up my own publishing business. I am currently the sales director for mail at UK Mail; a post that I have held for 6 years. In that time I have had responsibility for our packets business primarily servicing B2C market in retail.

In my career I worked for many years upstream in print; starting out in litho and following, and occasionally establishing, the trend into digital. I formed a team that developed trigger marketing for financial services in the 1990’s. This developed into a multi-channel platform of offerings including, database marketing, analytics, digital print, web to print, online and included personalised content for catalogues to focus response and reduce mail cost!

In 2006 I co-founded OnePublished, an innovative on-line publishing company that combined personalised content with pre-defined template content. This enabled channel-agnostic output that could publish books, catalogues, comics as physical output or as on-line, page -turning content for social media (Facebook etc.)

I believe I have much to offer in terms of experience and would provide useful cross-fertilisation of ideas from my varied, but highly relevant background; all grounded in a sound commercial approach.

UK Mail

UK Mail was the very first DSA operator and has grown to carry just under half of all business mail in the UK. Last December, we were acquired by Deutsche Post DHL and sit in the PeP division (Post, eCommerce, Parcels) of the organisation. This has transformed UK Mail from a leading domestic operator into a cross-border carrier now part of a pan-European single operational platform for mail, parcels and packets. Our domestic business has also developed to extend beyond postal logistics; we now provide cross-media marketing services under the UK Mail Digital brand and have recently launched our app ‘Hovar’ that enables augmented reality to provide video content from a scan of a printed image. Our driver in UK Mail digital is to reduce customer cost while increasing response rates and we have developed good case studies to demonstrate that we can deliver on these difficult principles. ‘Change’ in our business is allowing us to keep working in our traditional verticals while branching out in new sectors with dynamic, entrepreneurial, growth-companies often with International aspirations. It is an exciting place to be…

What can I bring to the Direct Commerce Organisation Executive Board?

In a single sentence: ‘Innovation grounded in sound commercial principles.’ My career has been all about innovating to gain competitive advantage. I have done this as a service provider and also on my own behalf and I will bring a unique and valuable perspective to the board if I am appointed.


I was a committee member for 2 years on the Direct Marketing Association, Scotland 2002-4