Annual Summit confirmed sessions

A case for Great British design (or Business) 

Rob Law, Magmatic (Trunki)

Founder and CEO Rob Law MBE will take you on his rollercoaster journey sharing learnings of over coming challenges and failure by using creativity and focusing on good design. From one of the most memorable rejections on Dragons Den to selling over 3.5 million ride-on suitcases and building a global brand. A champion of British manufacture, Rob talks about his re-shoreing project which nearly ended in catastrophe and his on going battles against copycats and how IP has been hugely effective at stopping overseas competitors. 

How Beachbody flexed its approach and transformed its UK business

Thomas Parrott, SVP,, Beachbody UK Ltd

Beachbody came to the UK in 2011 and rapidly became one of the biggest DRTV media buyers in the country, advertising its best-selling fitness workout DVDs including Insanity® and Focus T25® through inbound telemarketing, its webshop and Amazon store. By 2016, it had pulled back from long form TV, almost stopped manufacturing DVD products, shifted to 2 minute TV spots, and then migrated most of its spend to social media for an On Demand streaming subscription service called Beachbody On Demand. In 2017, it shifted again to open a direct selling business focused around monthly subscriptions for its dense nutrition shake brand, Shakeology® with a hybrid model of direct commerce feeding its network marketing distributors.  

Funding & planning for successful peak trading

Stephen Sacks, author & CEO, FundingNav

In this highly informative and “on the money” session Stephen will share a wealth of practical ideas for securing funding in today’s tough market. Discover sources of cash which many entrepreneurs are completely unaware of, as well as other less conventional funding methods. As a former direct retailer Stephen is well versed in the needs of business owners and entrepreneurs and also has a copy of his latest book “Reboot Your Business” to give to the first sixty delegates taking a seat for this unmissable session.

Successful brand development

Katy Ingram, Thought; & panel

What are the magic ingredients needed to develop a brand and creative strategy that leads the market and delivers a shopping experience your customers love? Our panel of creative experts will share their success tips on how to raise your game so you truly stand out from the crowd.

3 Ways to Use Affiliate Marketing that won't Cannibalise your Existing Marketing 

Chloe Thomas, eCommerce Masterplan

Affiliate marketing earned itself a terrible name back in the 2000s. We were sold it as a magical money making machine, but time and time again match backs and attribution analysis showed the only people who benefited were the affiliates and affiliate networks - not us.

A lot has changed since then! Including both the technology, and the understanding of how to run a successful affiliate campaign.

In this session Chloë Thomas will take us through how you can use Affiliate Marketing to improve your business, including case studies to illustrate 3 different strategies.

Business Development Options in Germany

Danielle Budde, BBR Associates GmbH

  • British Brands in Germany
  • Common Myths about the Germany Market
  • Marketing Channel Options
  • Partnership Options
  • Planning Considerations
  • Do's and Dont's Synopsis

The Power of Personalisation – Building great customer relationships one mailing at a time

Seirian Hanner, Royal Mail

A 2017 survey undertaken by Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) identified personalisation (42 per cent) and data driven marketing (37 per cent) as the two top priorities for marketers. Personalisation has steadily become a key buzz word in retail, due to its ability to build brand preference, drive engagement and ultimately conversion and loyalty.

However while personalisation remains a trending topic, in reality most fashion brands and retailers are just at the beginning of the journey to offering truly curated customer experiences.

In this session, using insights from JICMail data, we’ll share insights on personalised mail in retail - Why consumers value it, how it benefits your business and share some tips that can help maximise the potential of your personalisation strategies.

Connect with your customers using Social Media 

Richard Hunter, SocialSidekick

  • Learn how to capitalise on website traffic and sales with social media
  • Learn more about your customers
  • Learn the basics of 'social selling'
  • Grow your social audience and engagement

Don't fall behind: psychographics and revealing your real target customer 

Tim Gary, Digivate

  • Tim Gray is an expert in neuro-marketing and consumer psychology and will be discussing how building psychographic profiles for your customers can get your huge wins in your digital strategy.
  • The old methods for building 'ideal customer' demographics are out-dated and don't consider the most important part of selling: your customers problems and needs.
  • Tim will demonstrate how psychographics are the basis of all marketing activity, and can be used in website content, paid advertising, SEO strategy, personalisation and CRO.
  • People buy from people, not websites. Tim will be showing a vast selection of brands that get this right (and wrong!) - the wealth of examples here will have many revisiting their approach and trying to see their website from the customer's perspective.

Confessions of an AdWord addict 

Jayne Reddyhoff, Zanzi Digital

Jayne is a long standing AdWord expert and she will be sharing her best AdWord nuggets including:

  • How to avoid 5 costly AdWord mistakes
  • How to spend less on AdWords and get more customers
  • How to get your business on the first page of Google

Success with off the page & inserts on a low budget 

Martin Harvey, Bio-Gard with special guest Nick Begy

Post-GDPR a lot more marketers are returning to offline media. Here’s how to bring in great results from two seasoned practitioners who know exactly what works. From: knowing your target customers, what they read, and how they buy. Selecting the best value media for your offer and ensuring you get the best rates. Identifying profitable insert opportunities, door drops and ads. Measuring cost per new customer and LTV.