New GDPR Training Courses

DCA has scheduled a number of dates for a practical GDPR training workshop which fully focuses on member company needs. Led by Rob Bielby, the day covers all aspects of the impending legislation and reviews, step by step, the actions which each department of a member company needs to take in order to achieve compliance.  Unlike most other GDPR focused events, this workshop is led by an expert in database management, profiling and marketing who fully understands how critical it is for direct commerce and multichannel retailing businesses to be able to direct market to their customers - and to prospects - via mail and digital channels.  

Dates have been scheduled for  2017: Edinburgh, 7th December: 

2018:  Cheltenham 9th January:  Heathrow 15th February: York 1st March: - further dates are being added.  Please enquire for your most local venue. 

Also available as an in-house day for member companies who wish to train multiple members of their teams in their own training facilities.  Enquiries: DCA secretariat  01271-855545

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