Supplier event hosting

Hosting DCA member events

We welcome enquiries from all active associate member and sponsor companies who wish to host events specifically for DCA client side members. To facilitate this and to ensure that we do not have too many competing events we operate under the following guidelines:

a) All potential dates and topics are considered on a first request basis. Prospective hosts need first to submit their event topic plus the proposed location, capacity, duration,and content along with a view as to which job functions and member company types the event will most interest. ie: CMO, marketing director, head of marketing - online fashion & homewares sectors.

b) Hosts must hold associate membership of DCA at the time the event is submitted for approval and membership must extend to the date(s) on which the event is to be staged.

c) The host will need to ensure that the content is case history/insight based and includes at least one speaker from a relevant client side business. Should the promoted client side speaker cancel for any reason then the host must secure an equivalent client side speaker. The DCA cannot support events which do not deliver a high perceived value to members attending.

d) When content is developed it must be impartial. The DCA cannot support the marketing and promotion of events which are essentially supplier sales pitches. If in any doubt, there is a separate document which covers this in more detail, please find our Speaker Guidelines below. Our team will be happy to help scope the content if required.

e) The host will be responsible for all speaker, venue and catering arrangements and for paying for the costs of these direct to the suppliers.

f) The DCA will seek to make a charge to its members wishing to book places at these events. We find that even if it is a notional charge, there are far fewer cancellations when tickets have been purchased as opposed to being free of charge. The ticket income is retained by DCA to offset the costs of marketing, selling and processing delegate bookings.

g) The DCA will undertake to thoroughly market the event to current and past DCA member companies* as well as administer sales of places and collaborate with the host’s primary contact in order that attendance can be controlled and catering services orders managed accurately by the host. *the targeting to be in line with audience compatibility as mentioned in a).

h) The DCA will usually wish to have one or two places for members of its Board or Councils who will attend to monitor the event delivery as well as potentially also introduce speakers/sessions or in some cases, anchor the event. (This cannot always be guaranteed and will be confirmed on a case by case basis).

i) The DCA must limit the number of member events it supports in any year and this will ordinarily be at the rate of one event per associate member per year, depending upon topic, member interest, and geographic location.

j) The DCA will wish to be able to publish presentations in the member area of its website in order that the wider membership can access useful insight and information even if unable to attend in person.

For further information please contact the DCA secretariat team on 01271 855545 or email