Who We Are

What sets the DCA apart is the opportunity it gives to both share and learn about the tools and techniques needed to get ahead in multichannel marketing, fulfilment, international trading and a wide range of related business disciplines.

Members continue to thrive on:

- inspirational success stories

- the challenge of living up to other companies’ performance

- the empowerment of bringing what they’ve learned into their businesses

"Direct Commerce Association is a window on current thinking and a good forum for suppliers to test ideas and showcase new solutions. It deals with suppliers and practitioners with equal respect and organises events where networking is well facilitated."

Richard Stephenson, CEO, YUDU Media

“Charles Tyrwhitt joined DCA primarily to increase the number of swaps we could do. For smaller companies, who are still growing their skill base, DCA is a must. The contacts you make will help with recruitment of new staff, or at least in referencing people you are thinking of employing. You cannot afford not to join!”

Peter Higgins, Director, Charles Tyrwhitt 

With so much knowledge to share and advantage to gain in such a rapidly changing business world, membership is of proven value to organisations of all sizes, from start-ups to established players, and for business owners and employees alike. As a not-for-profit organisation the costs of membership are kept deliberately low. We are here to help lesser known members on the journey to become household names, and household names to stay abreast of the latest thinking and techniques that will keep them on top of their game. As we begin our second decade, there has never been a more important time to be involved. Join us today.

DCA is run by a group of board members and council co-chairs. Here you can “meet” the current and past elected individuals by clicking on the below categories...

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